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Unitag is a leading platform for QR Code solutions. We help organisations build unique, dynamic and smart QR codes. We can help create short digital links, marketing campaigns, and much more.

Unitag has an advanced stable ecosystem with some of today's most prominent companies, with brands like Warner Bros., Chanel, Alibaba and thousands of others relying on us to manage their QR needs.

We are truly the 'Home of QR Code'.

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Creation knowing no limits

Unitag is pushing the limits of the creative world by offering our clients the most advanced tools in QR generation, management and analytics. We have helped thousands of users reach their dreams.

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Security and Privacy

Unitag has always built systems with compliance, security and privacy at its core. With state-of-the-art analytics and data ingestion pipelines, you can be assured that all data is secure and confidential.

We strive to be a transparent organisation concerning all data collection and usage.

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Vincent Biret, Ceo

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