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Why use QR codes on packaged goods?

QR codes solve challenges with packaged products

They also demonstrate the possibilities of QR codes, hinting at new uses of QR codes that we have not yet imagined*. Imagine you could pack unlimited information on the packaging for any and all of your products.

Think about it. Space is no longer a constraint. You can communicate whatever you want to your customers.

This is what QR codes in product packaging can offer you.

Why use QR codes on packaged goods?

Case Studies

Maybe you’re selling a cold press juicer. You can’t incorporate all the recipes you want to on the packaging. And even if you did so in a booklet, it would use too much paper.

Instead, you can use a QR code on the side of the box to give your customers access to those recipes.

Maybe you want the QR code to link through to tutorial videos to help your customer set up their juicer. Product packaging QR codes open up those and many more possibilities too.

Here’s where the magic comes in, partly because QR codes are just that…they’re magic, but somewhat because here at Unitag, we’re always working on ways to use technology to solve interesting problems.

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Imagine you’re selling vapes or any other product where the product regulations can differ from country to country.

Ordinarily, you’d have to worry about developing different booklets containing varying types of content and health warnings about smoking vapes.

This is because each country and each market has different regulations around product information.

QR codes can be placed onto your products, redirecting to different content based on location and language preferences.

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How it works

Scanning a QR code enables access to a lot of commercially valuable data

Your customer will be directed to specific content relevant to the regulations of the country they are in, in the language of the country they are scanning from. This level of specificity allows you to:

  • Create as much content as you like with zero carbon footprint.
  • Create localised content that will be delivered to the appropriate audience at the right place and time.

A single QR code can reduce requirements for different physical contents to ensure products are compliant in other regions.

Another great benefit of QR codes on product packaging is that you can connect your customers to your social media platforms. This way, you can own the relationship with your customer.

How it works

What we offer to you

  • Multi language support. Communicate with all of your customers, regardless of their language and location.
  • Analytics tool. Now you can develop insights to understand your customer better.
Why use QR codes on packaged goods?

* We have a dedicated team of smart people working hard on figuring out how you can use QR codes to solve problems not tackled yet by anyone else.

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